PAT testing does not involve maintenance of the equipment, it is the testing of the power supply, cable and wire from the socket to the equipment. It refers to anything that can be connected to a power socket. This includes items from a bedside lamp to a washing machine, etc.

We undertake a seven point safety check including certification, labelling and identification of all appliances in accordance with the Electricity at Work Act (1989).


WEEE stands for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipments. This includes household appliances such as ovens, microwaves, fridges, freezers, washing machines, tumble dryers, and also IT and tele communications equipment.

WEEE is one of the fastest growing waste streams in the UK.

Take a took around your home - how many products with a plug or battery do you own?

In the past, most eventually went to landfill, but under the new WEEE legislation, many of them now have to be re-used/recycled.

Householders are not banned from disposing of WEEE in their bin but the WEEE regulations have created a network of collection points for WEEE.

Householders should now find it easier to recycle their old equipment through a mixture of improved local authority civic amenity (CA) sites and new take-back facilities provided by retailers. These arrangements are operating now.

Recycling First are a registered Designated Collection Facility and are able to offer a free collection service for unwanted working electrical appliances.

Revolve is Scotland’s re-use quality standard. When you buy from us, you can be sure of quality.

Our Revolve badge means you can be sure that we safety test our products, offer great products, good value and excellent customer service and carry out regular training and quality audits.



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